Build your own SneezScreen

Need protection for a larger area? No problem!

For some clients, a single Sneezscreen doesn’t match their preferred counter layout or they wish to have a longer screen which is larger than the size of the single screen.

The modular design of our Sneezscreens means we can support multiple screens side by side to form a larger, single screen. We support a variety of screen sizes which means you can pick and choose combinations of height and width plus select from screens with a bottom opening (or not) to suit your specific setup.


Combine our screen modules to match your specific setup

Our Module Sizes

Step1. Measure your counter length

Step2. Choose a combination of modules to fit your preferred height and width.

Step3. Order our “Modular Screen” product here and select your sizes when ordering.

Mind the gap:

If you have a small gap after applying our standard module sizes, call us on 1300 SNEEZE to ask about a custom in-fill piece, however we find in most cases these are not required to achieve a good result.

Mounting Brackets

Counter/bench mount brackets (10×10 cm)

Surface Mount

Supermarket Bracket

Bench Clamp Bracket (no drilling required)

Select from these bracket options during checkout. Not sure which to choose, or have a question about your specific setup? If you’re not sure, during checkout an option to request we contact you to clarify is offered. Full refund is provided if we can’t ship a bracket option to suit you.

Contact us and we’d be pleased to help, or call on 1300 SNEEZE.